Effective DevOps for Leaders

Free seminar workshops in Edinburgh, London, Leeds and Manchester

Effective DevOps for Leaders is a targeted free seminar for leaders involved with modern web-based software systems. Come and join us to be briefed on:

As a CIO/CTO, Head of Commercial, Product Director, Head of Software Development, Head of IT, or Development Manager, you will benefit from the Effective DevOps seminar by gaining an increased understanding of why and how DevOps can help your organisation through rapid but safe delivery cycles.

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Seminar locations: London, Leeds, Manchester

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'Cloud' changes the way we must design, deliver, and operate our software systems. DevOps is a set of practices that has a arisen from the need for Software Development and IT Operations teams to collaborate more closely in order to deliver and operate modern web-based software systems effectively at high rates of change.

DevOps requires significant evolution of both technologies and teams in order to be successful; the Effective DevOps seminar provides a solid grounding in the organisational and technological changes that leaders are required to make for a successful DevOps adoption.


Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton has been building and operating non-trivial software systems since 1998 in many industry sectors. With significant software architecture experience, he brings a systems thinking approach to software delivery. He has specific expertise in Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and software operability, and is a regular speaker at tech community events and conferences.

Rob Thatcher

Rob Thatcher

Rob Thatcher has substantial experience of building and running on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based infrastructures. With Director-level experience in the City of London, he specialises in low-latency, high speed computer infrastructure.

At Skelton Thatcher, we help our clients to understand, adopt, and sustain good practices for building and operating software systems. Our knowledge and experience from complimentary backgrounds (software development and IT operations) means we have a 'end-to-end' understanding of how to build and operate software systems effectively.

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